Xion is a freeware media player with one of the best audio quality ever heard
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Xion is a freeware media player with one of the best audio quality ever heard. It is very easy to use and install and provides great performance. It is very simple due to its options and configuration settings. Though it's amazing, there could be more features to configure its performance and appearance like the support for equalization of audio filed, shutting every single comment, etc.

You could customize the skins (you could make it transparent if you want), plug-in, equalizer, and hot keys. I believe that it supports every single audio file that I remember. As the author announces “we create high quality freeware and commercial software for both home and business users”, this is short of what they did; they provide the real experience of audio all for free. In this software, you can manage audio from outputs (left or right), the timer, show the visualization in a separate screen, set it on the top of other screen. Also the software runs from your tray and others.

If you think that what I comment is a lie, I invite you to test this software because the only one that could evaluate it,is the one that uses it.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Freeware.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Professional Settings by default.
  • The Best audio Quality.
  • The Best performance.
  • Support loading from .zip files.
  • Engage the Msn Messenger to show what is playing as the windows messenger


  • If you made double click over the tray bar it pauses the audio, before the application opens
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